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Films based on Manchester United F.C.

Amazing. Out of this world. A force to wreck with. This is how I can describe Manchester United’s campaign. Although this site is meant to talk about films, I would like to recommend movies inspired on the football club.



Busby Babes

In America, most people do not know this aspect of Manchester United’s history. In 1958 during a European championship, the team was returning from Munich, Germany on a chartered plane. During liftoff the plane crashed, killing 8 players. It was a tragedy. But like a phoenix rising from ashes, coach Sir Matt Busby and his young players excelled beyond excpectations. Today they are known as the “Busby Babes”. United stars Dougry Scott (Matt Busby), Bert Whalley (Dean Andrews), Bill Fellows (Robert Charlton) and Jack O’Connell (Bobby Charlton).

Pros: One heartbreaking and inspiring drama. It shows how the triumph of the spirit can conquer all. It is fascinating to see how some young players transform to legends.

Cons: Minor. It deserved better casting.

Did you know? Scottish manager Sir Matt Busby’s manager records and longevity at the helm of Manchester United are surpassed only by Sir Alex Ferguson.

Enjoy the trailer. 



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